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Teasing relationships and trends out of data is a key mathematical skill developed through this activity for young statisticians. Taking provided data, the learners walk through the statistical process of making a hypothesis and performing tests on a data set.  In a clear and approachable way, this lesson provides tools to teach and practice basic statistical analysis of data—a great activity to introduce or shore up uncertainties in the linear regression process!

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Activity could be extended so that students use the steps to test their own data
  • One group could do linear regression by hand (choosing points) and one with calculator regression and then compare results
Classroom Considerations

  • Some students might predict a correlation between height and test scores based on age
  • Home access to graphing calculators is necessary if assigned for homework
  • First page scatter plot doesn't appear to belong and is not required for the lesson

  • Emphasis on hypothesizing and predicting
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions from hypothesis through testing data
  • Teacher worksheet key provided
  • Realistic and relatable data set

  • No clear indication of which number in the regression is the correlation coefficient
  • No post-regression analysis provided (i.e. what were your actual correlation coefficients? What does that mean?)