Conduct online conversations, share what's going on in your classroom with parents and colleagues, and follow education leaders and trendsetters all with one app. Once you've created an account, you'll be ready to use this flexible and surprisingly engaging social media platform in your classroom.

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App Overview

When you first open the Twitter app, you'll need to either sign up or log in. If you are starting a new account, you'll enter a name, e-mail address, username, and password. You may wish to add in your phone number and allow the app to access your contacts so that you can find Twitter users to follow. However, you can skip both of these steps and move on to adding your profile picture and bio. When you're all signed up, or logged in, you'll go right to your home page.

What to Know About the Home Page:

  • You'll see the tweets of all those you follow on this page under the title Timeline
  • You can also see your own tweets here
  • Use the menu along the side to access other pages within the app; this menu will show up on every page
  • The magnifying glass in the top corner is for searching tweets, users, topics, and so on; this also shows up on every page
  • Create a tweet by tapping the pen surrounded by a square; again, this is available on any screen within the app


Twitter provides you with a timeline of tweets, but to get these tweets, you need to follow other Twitter users.

  • The app will suggest users to follow on your home page; simply tap Follow to do so
  • You can search for users and topics by tapping the magnifying class and typing in a name or key word
  • You can also find users to follow through the Discover feature, which can be found in the menu along the left side

The Discover Feature: 

  • Tap the Discover button, with a hashtag icon, to browse users, hashtags, and tweets
  • At the top, you'll see trending, or popular, hashtags that you can select and view
  • Just below that are suggested people; you can tap the follow symbol, in this case, a plus sign and person, or tap More to find other users and categories to search
  • Below that you will find tweets that were favorited or retweeted by those you are following along with additional popular (but not always appropriate) tweets


  • Tap the bell along the left side to view your notifications
  • You can view updates when people
    • Follow you
    • Retweet one of your tweets
    • Favorite a tweet of yours
    • Mention you in a tweet

How To Compose a Tweet:

  1. Tap the pen in square symbol in top-right corner
  2. Type in your tweet; notice the character count in the bottom-right corner of the message box
  3. Add a photo by tapping the picture symbol in the bottom-left corner and then selecting an image or choosing the camera symbol to take a new picture
  4. If desired, add your location or enable location tagging for your tweets
  5. Select Tweet in the top-right corner
  6. Your tweet will show up in your profile and timeline, and those who are following you will be able to see it

Other Tweet Features:

  • Touch and hold down on a tweet to:
    • Mute the user
    • Block or report the user
    • Mail the tweet
    • Copy the link to the tweet
    • Send it to reading list
  • Tap the arrow in the bottom-left of a tweet to reply
  • Choose the two arrows to Retweet or quote the tweet
  • Select the star to favorite a tweet

Other Options in the Twitter App:

  • Access your profile and additional settings by selecting Me from the menu along the left
  • From the Me page, create lists that you can use to organize tweets
  • Pull down on a page with one finger to refresh the tweets and other information
  • Unfollow a user by going to your Following list in your profile and selecting the Following button and then the Unfollow button
  • Send a private message by tapping on the envelope icon in your profile
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Twitter is an well-known and very popular social media platform. The app allows you to interact with the service's main features. It has great potential for classroom application.

  • Worth the money

    The Twitter app is free.

  • Fun factor

    Learners will enjoy using the app, and you'll enjoy using it for professional development. Social media is engaging and can provide solid learning opportunities.

  • Scaffolding of learning

    The app provides some guidance to get you started (for example, it provides some suggestions). While much of the app is intuitive, there aren't any tutorials in place or explicit instructions for use.

  • User safety

    Twitter is a public forum and people can post just about anything, and learners can search for these things. If your location services are enabled, other users will know where you sent a tweet from. You can, however, set up certain privacy barriers to keep your students insulated and ensure that your pupils only follow other students and teachers at your school.

  • Control and feedback

    You can edit various settings through the app, such as sounds, notifications, text size, accessibility features, and more. Individuals will need to create their own accounts. More settings options are available through the web version.

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Use Twitter for your own professional development; you can search for and follow educational companies, leaders, and more
  • Set up projects around Twitter using some of the educational accounts that have been prepared for students
  • Use your account for class communication to keep students and parents updated on class events
  • Send a tweet a day from your class
  • Try out Twitter for quick assignments, discussion topics, and individual comments throughout the day
Classroom Considerations

  • With Twitter, privacy is certainly a concern. You can set it up so that your pupils must approve anyone who wants to view their tweets by choosing to protect their tweets. However, they must do this through the browser version of the platform rather than the app.
  • Consider having a conversation about digital citizenship with your class to reinforce how to behave when using a service like Twitter
  • For more ideas and considerations, check out Lesson Planet's professional development course about Twitter

  • Great for sharing information, finding new ideas for the classroom, and much more
  • The app is easy to use and nicely laid out

  • No tutorial for the more complex features
  • Twitter is a public forum and may show inappropriate content