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Understand Repeating Patterns

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Further develop your class's understanding of patterns using the second video of this nine-part series. First introduce the key vocabulary words patterncore, and step, using shape patterns to explain the meaning of each. Then apply these new terms to identify and extend additional patterns. Includes a strategy for using prior knowledge of multiples to find future steps in a pattern, but encourage young learners to explore other approaches as well. Extend the lesson by having students work in pairs using manipulatives to create identify their own shape patterns

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Includes a version of the video with Spanish narration
  • Using shapes and colors helps learners visually identify patterns
  • Provides a guide practice problem that addresses the ability to identify and extend a shape pattern
  • Narrator stumbles with her words at multiple points during the video
  • Some students may require more explicit directions for finding the core of a pattern
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