Unit 17: Fighting Tropical Disease - Cleanliness Counts

This Unit 17: Fighting Tropical Disease - Cleanliness Counts unit also includes:

While learners in the developed world take for granted basic sanitation, such as clean water, these challenges are part of the public health crisis in poorer nations. Authentic sanitation lesson materials show how diseases spread and how to stop them. Individuals discuss what it would take to end these public health challenges with a lesson on sanitation aids workers use when teaching in developing nations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the sanitation lessons to show conditions in the developing world that lead to tropical diseases
  • Engage scholars by discussing solutions that would prevent tropical diseases
Classroom Considerations

  • 17th in a 19-part series titled The President's Travels

  • Images are intriguing and engage a variety of learners
  • Authentic lessons used in the developing world to teach sanitation safety develop empathy in students

  • Included activity instructions are not clear; teacher will have to adapt them before using