Unit 18: Fighting Tropical Disease - What Ails You?

This Unit 18: Fighting Tropical Disease - What Ails You? unit also includes:

A woman, frequently bitten by mosquitoes, comes to you for medical treatment. She has a fever, swollen ankle, and hard, elephant-like skin. What could be wrong? These questions facing aid workers around the world. A simulation activity and discussion questions link the social and political problems in the developing world with the health crises that take lives every day. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have young scholars evaluate symptoms in a simulation activity to diagnose and treat tropical diseases, then create a plan for prevention
  • Develop a discussion based on the simulation activity for learners to apply the experience
Classroom Considerations

  • Resource is 18th in a 19-part The President's Travels series
  • Materials can be self-promotional for the Carter Center

  • Lesson plan includes extensive resources
  • Simulation is engaging for a variety of learners

  • None