Up and Down with Slopes

Do you have a class that gets excited about technology? Bring in a lesson that allows learners to explore linear equations. Using spreadsheet software, individuals find key features of linear equations and then compare slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines. They conclude the activity by creating a word processing document detailing their learning.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use graphing calculators or online graphing calculators to explore the key feature of the linear functions
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires access to spreadsheet and word processing software
  • The amount of time necessary for the lesson varies with software proficiency

  • Includes tips and suggestions to enhance the lesson

  • There are many steps to entering and graphing a line using spreadsheet software; learners may get overwhelmed with the steps and lose track of the learning goal
Common Core

Included Materials - Join to Access

  • “Worksheet: Finding the Slope and Intercepts of a Linear Equation”
  • “Worksheet Solutions: Finding the Slope and Intercepts of a Linear Equation”
  • “Step Sheet: Slope and Intercepts”
  • “Step Sheet: Creating a Graph in Excel”
  • “Step Sheet: Graphing Pairs of Linear Equations”
  • “Step Sheet: Graphing Pairs of Lines in Excel”
  • “Worksheet: When are Lines Parallel or Perpendicular?”
  • “Worksheet Solutions: When are Lines Parallel or Perpendicular?”
  • "Sample: Graphing a Linear Equation"
  • "Sample: Graphing Pairs of Lines"
  • “Worksheet: Student Report”
  • “Student Report Rubric”
  • “Step Sheet: Creating a New Document”