Use a Number Line to Generate Equivalent Fractions

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Add to the toolbox of young mathematicians by teaching them to compare fractions using number lines. The final video in this series models the process for labeling and comparing fractions on number lines with multiple supporting examples. Following the lesson, a separate Guided Practice video provides learners with an opportunity to apply this new strategy by solving two additional questions. As added support, consider providing students with copies of blank number lines to use when determining equivalent fractions. A great resource for whole group instruction or to include as an independent learning activity during a lesson series on comparing fractions.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Lesson begins by reviewing the definition of equivalent fractions
  • Explains a common mistake for young learners to avoid when using number lines
  • Includes examples of both equal and unequal fractions to highlight the difference between the two

  • Additional scaffolding is needed to support all learners with labeling fractions on number lines
  • Requires additional practice problems to support learners with using number lines to compare fractions
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