Use Area Models to Generate Equivalent Fractions

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When using visual models, it can be difficult for learners to realize that the shape of the pieces doesn't affect the fraction they represent. The third video of this series explains that as long as the whole amount is cut into equal-sized pieces, it doesn't matter if those pieces are squares, rectangles, or triangles – they all represent the same fraction. For those students that remain skeptical, model the examples in the video with pieces of paper to show how the fractions are in fact the same size. Use this resource as part of an introductory unit on fractions and clarify for young mathematicians how to visually model fractions.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Supports learners with a brief review of equivalent fractions
  • Demonstrates multiple ways that fractions can be modeled visually
  • Instructional video is available as a slide show

  • Guided Practice video is cut off, with a runtime of only four seconds
  • Requires additional practice problems to help learners become comfortable using different visual models of fractions
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