Use Precise Language to Explain a Topic

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The fourth of a five-part series on writing informational essays centers on word choice, giving learners tools for adding precise vocabulary from a text when responding about a text. The instructor walks through three steps of editing: 1) rereading a draft to identify words that could be replaced 2) identifying more precise words that could be used 3) rewriting. Note that this video assumes learners have watched the previous lessons in the series.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Examples are kid-friendly

  • The instructor assumes that learners will be reading and working from a textbook, stating that bold words in a textbook are examples of precise vocabulary, and not giving tools for finding specific vocabulary when it is not highlighted for them already
  • The title of the episode is misleading, as it is not dealing with precise language in general, but rather with using subject-specific academic vocabulary in writing; there is no discussion of using precise adjectives, verbs, or other parts of speech
  • The series has writers revise to create a final draft before the conclusion is written, and there is no revision called for after drafting a conclusion
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