Use Transition Words in Narrative Writing

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Transitional words and phrases are essential writing tools that allow authors to clearly guide their audience through a story. In the fifth lesson of this series on narrative writing, learners begin their drafts by linking together the main events of their story using transition words or phrases. To provide young writers with practice using these terms, consider pausing the video and allowing them to suggest words or phrases that can be used in the sample narrative before having them work on their own writing.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Models how transitional words can be included in narrative writing to clarify the sequence of events
  • Allows students to monitor their progress through the steps of the writing process
  • Lesson is adaptable to Common Core writing standards across the upper-elementary grade levels
  • Teacher needs to prepare a list of common transitional words and phrases to support all students with their writing
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