Using Nouns (Grade 3)

This Using Nouns (Grade 3) worksheet also includes:

Teach your class how to identify the people, places, and things that they see in the world around them with this two-part grammar activity. After first circling all of the nouns in a collection of 25 words, children then must use the nouns to complete a series of simple fill-in-the-blank sentences.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign these worksheets as in-class or homework exercises during a grammar unit on the parts of speech
  • Extend learning by having children illustrate one of the sentences they completed, labeling the noun they used to fill in the blank
Classroom Considerations

  • Be aware that the words quiet and thought are included in the word banks of these worksheets, which may cause some confusion as they can each be used as different parts of speech

  • Two versions of the worksheet are provided, each offering different sets of nouns and fill-in-the-blank sentences
  • Word banks include a variety of singular, plural, and collective nouns
  • The context of each sentence clearly indicates which noun correctly fills in the blank

  • Answer keys are not included for the worksheets