Using Recycled Materials

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What happens to our recycling once it is hauled away? In the third of four Earth Day lessons about recycling and reducing our impact on the world's natural resources, learners explore where recycled materials go and what becomes of them. After a quick overview, kids work in pairs to research a product from its original form (natural resource) to its typical disposal. Groups are challenged with finding a way to reduce the amount of products that end up in landfills. As an extension, each child can create his own project, taking an item that would be bound for a landfill and repurposing it (e.g. making jewelry out of old CDs). 

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  • Upcycling extension project is creative, engaging, and fun; could be used to make crafts for a school fundraiser or Earth Day awareness
  • Even if your class is somewhere other than Tucson, the Recycling Geography Challenge is interesting and relevant
  • Very thorough lesson plan
  • None