Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquets

Bring home flowers that will last forever with a Valentine's Day activity. After using liquid starch to attach colorful tissue paper to empty bottles, kids color cupcake holders to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and finish the project off with a spritz of floral perfume.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. Father's Day, or any other holiday for which your class will make gifts to take home
  • Have kids model their flowers based on flowers that they research and study
  • Bring the extensions into your lesson to create an interdisciplinary activity
  • Give extra credit to students who can bring in some of the more difficult materials, such as empty salad dressing bottles and cupcake holders
  • Use plastic bottles for younger kids to prevent broken glass
Classroom Considerations
  • Some parts of the project may take a few days to complete
  • Comes with a list of materials, most of which are easy to acquire and distribute
  • A creative way to celebrate Valentine's Day
  • None