Visualize Percents Using 10x10 Grids

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Sixty percent of a parking lot is how many cars? Show your class! This video introduces a 10x10 grid that can be shaded to show the amount of blue cars in a parking lot. Demonstrate to your learners that they can shade multiple grids to still represent the same percent, but as a different ratio. Have them practice shading in their own grids to show different patterns of the same percent. Use the other videos from this series of six for more practice with ratios and percent problems. 

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Introduces a 10x10 grid 
  • Use guided practice for follow-along video on shading multiple grids
  • Notes template provided as graphic organizer

  • Only shows two examples
  • Multiple grids can be confusing, use additional practice listed under slides
Common Core