Waverly Waves

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The local swim team is the basis for this extensive worksheet on ratios, rates, and proportional reasoning. From the gender ratio of the team, to the cost comparison of uniforms, and the speeds of the athletes, learners manipulate relationships and fractions to tease out answers. Multiple ways to manipulate proportions are used throughout the activity, with an emphasis on equivalent ratios. A detailed rubric and answer key round out this excellent capstone activity for a unit on the arithmetic of comparisons.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider breaking up the problem set and using each problem as a daily bell-ringer activity on proportional reasoning lesson days
  • Have learners conduct research to compare the class gender ratio to the school, state, or country gender ratios
  • This lesson links nicely to a history lesson on Title 9 funding and the proportional rise in female sports participation, or one studying the gender pay gap
  • Task three leads right into a lesson on comparison shopping and unit price, if that has a place in your curriculum
Classroom Considerations

  • Mental preparation for questions or jokes regarding transgender athletes might be necessary, depending on class temperament
  • Think about preparing remediation ahead of time as weaknesses in reducing fractions and finding common factors or multiples will become quickly apparent in this activity

  • Multiple related tasks that avoid depending on correct answers in previous work
  • Writing prompts force pupils to interpret and analyze numerical results
  • Excellent practice working with decimals inside of ratios

  • No annotated student work provided along with the rubric