Weathering and Erosion Science Lab Activity

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Weathering and erosion labs have never been sweeter! Construct three different experiments to observe the affects that water, ice, and crumbs have on a frosted graham cracker and identify the changing process each test represents.

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NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Schedule time to visit the school library to search for information about weathering and erosion
  • Take a walking field trip around campus; invite scholars to search for signs of weathering and erosion
  • Divide a piece of paper into three sections, attach it to the lab worksheet, instruct learners to draw their observations for each experiment, and use their findings to answer questions
Classroom Considerations
  • Take food allergies into consideration prior to conducting this experiment; read ingredients lists carefully 
  • A variety of supplies and copies are needed to complete the lesson
  • The experiment creates a concrete example of weathering and erosion on a smaller, more easily observable level 
  • A suffiecient amount of space is available to write directly on the lab worksheet 
  • The font may be difficult for some learners to read 
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