What Makes a Good Citizen

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Scholars answer the question, What makes a good citizen?, with the help of a variety of stories that highlight different forms of active citizenship. After multiple engaging read-alouds, individuals discuss character traits observed, and work collaboratively to build an alphabet book that showcases a different trait for every letter. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Relate the qualities of a good citizen to those of our current president or presidential nominees; discuss the importance of good citizenship in office and during election season
  • Teach the lesson over several days and read aloud a different book each day leading up to the culminating activity 
  • Laminate and bind the alphabet pages for continued reference throughout the school year 
Classroom Considerations
  • Visit the school library to check out, or download onto a personal learning device, the list of books required to implement the lesson 
  • Gather book making supplies and design book pages or allow pupils to create their own 
  • Provides an extensive list of literature books related to the lesson's topic 
  • Lists one activity to continue the learning process  
  • None