What's in the Bag?

Scholars prove their knowledge of adjectives with a instructional activity that challenges them to examine objects and list their attributes according to the five senses. Small groups pass around several bags that hide a mystery object while they list adjectives on a graphic organizer. A whole-class discussion reviews adjectives. Early finishers work on a practice page. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Connect the lesson with one on the five senses 
  • Invite learners to bring in one object from their home to describe using adjectives in front of the class 
  • Keep a running list of adjectives displayed in the classroom, add to it whenever a pupil points one out during instruction
Classroom Considerations

  • The use of a Smartboard is optional 
  • Pupils should know how to identify and list adjectives

  • The lesson offers hints to lead discussions in the right direction
  • Includes leveled worksheets that work as a May Do or homework activity 
  • Objects provide a hands-on learning approach 

  • None