Who Gets to Say What I Need to Know?

This Who Gets to Say What I Need to Know? unit also includes:

Who decides what pupils learn in schools? Young scholars may be surprised to hear that there is no national standard for what is taught. A resource investigates this question using case studies, debate, discussion questions, and writing activities.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use jigsaw activity to discuss the varying points of view in the Scopes Monkey Trial and apply them to modern debates about school standards
Classroom Considerations
  • Activities are second in the six-part Complex Questions Related to American Democracy series
  • Discussion of hot-button topics, such as sex education, may make the resource inappropriate for some learners
  • Resource offers materials such as a glossary to aid in scaffolding
  • Extension activities, including an essay prompt, integrate skills practice
  • None