Who’s in Charge Here Anyway? The Continued Debate Over Immigration Policy

This Who’s in Charge Here Anyway? The Continued Debate Over Immigration Policy unit also includes:

After a quick review of previous lessons examining immigration policy of the past, individuals read, annotate, and answer text dependent questions based on an article about Arizona Immigration. The whole class then engages the question, “Is controlling illegal immigration a state or federal issue?” This same procedure is followed, and the same question addressed, over the course of the week as additional articles are read, annotated, and discussed. Class members are then randomly assigned to a side and groups prepare for and engage in a debate on the question. To complete the exercise, individuals draft their personal response citing evidence from the sources studied.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Carefully selected primary and secondary source documents present a balanced view of the question
  • Text-based questions, designed to focus reader's attention, are provided for three of the four documents

  • Although designated by the author for junior high classes, the resource is better suited for high school classes
  • The lesson assumes that class members are already familiar with the procedures for conducting a respectful, extended controversial issue discussion 
  • The lesson assumes that learners know how to annotate a difficult text
  • Lesson assumes groups are familiar with the debate format