The largest free-content encyclopedia on the web now has a reader app! It cleanly displays the articles and hyperlinks to the connecting topics. With a mind-map style, readers can visually view connections between articles. This is a great learning tool to support homework, term papers, and any research project.

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App Overview

Steps to Getting Started:

  1. Click on the magnified glass icon to begin a Wikipedia search
  2. Type in a search term such as "water cycle" and click go on your keyboard
  3. Next, you will be presented with a dual screen with the Wikipedia article that best matches your search. Notice the hexagon shape with your search term on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the hexagon
  4. Notice the mind-map shape, and click on any of the hexagons leading off of the main search term to view related articles
  5. On the right-hand side of the screen within the article, key words are hyperlinked. Click on any word to see another article directly related to your search term. For example, evaporation is hyperlinked within the water cycle article
  6. Now, look down to the bottom tool bar below the article on the right-hand side. You will notice left and right directional arrows which allow you to scroll through a multi-page article. There is also a Table of Contents icon which leads to a comprehensive list of article links


  • Wikipedia search engine
  • Article table of contents
  • Ability to make article text larger
  • Functionality to share Wikipedia search through e-mail and social media platforms.
  • Ability to copy Wikipedia search
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Instructional Ideas

  • Tool for pupil research, which is useful for homework, term papers, and projects
  • A modification tool for special education students who are visual learners
Classroom Considerations

The look and feel of the app is very nice. It has a clean interface and a nice typeface. 

The feature that allows a user to share a search is very innovative. Users can share their research with fellow classmates, or save searches for later reference.

One of the downsides to this app is the shared search is only accessible if you have the Wikiweb app. It could be a distraction for some learners, as it is very easy to go off-topic by diverting to another linked article, and then follow another link, and so on.