Word Sorter

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Classify vocabulary words and key concepts with a helpful graphic organizer. Each quadrant of the worksheet provides space for learners to jot down either characteristics, less important characteristics, examples, and non-examples of the word in the main box.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use as an alternate way to practice vocabulary words
  • Project the graphic organizer onto the board to model the activity
  • Laminate a class set of the pages for learners to use again and again
Classroom Considerations

  • Model the correct way to fill out the sheet before assigning it to students
  • Though the lesson calls for copying the page onto an overhead transparency, it would work just as well with a document viewer or Smart Board

  • Versatile for multiple vocabulary lists and subjects
  • Encourages learners to apply word meaning in more than one way using the Frayer Model

  • None