World Cup Math: Equal Opportunity?

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Exactly how fair is the World Cup? Even though all teams have the same number of players and follow the same rules, there are other factors that come into play. This series of three lessons explores the impact that income inequality, both between and within countries, has on this international competition. Using fractions, percents, ratios, decimals, and graphic displays students compare income data for countries competing in the World Cup in order to draw conclusions about the fairness of soccer (football). This is a great interdisciplinary resource that brings together topics in math and social studies in a context that is engaging to young learners

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  • Each of the three lessons offers extension activities and adaptions increasing or decreasing their complexity
  • Slide show presentation is downloadable as a PowerPoint file and can be edited to meet the needs of individual classes
  • Resource includes all supporting materials

  • Slide show presentation includes some repetitive information and grammatical errors