World History Test Prep

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Imagine a personalized review program! Rather than sitting through a teacher-led recap of a chapter, unit, or course, individuals can use this resource to self-check and revisit those topics where remediation is needed. They can review facts, use flashcards to check, understand, and take quizzes to test their knowledge.

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App Overview

The 34 topics included in the menu range from earliest history to current events. Participants can choose to review a topic, respond to flashcards, and then take a quiz on each topic.

  • To begin, players pick a topic from the menu and are offered three subtopics: Key Civilizations, Key Innovations, and Key Causes of Rise and Fall of Civilization.
  • For each of these subtopics, players may choose Review, Flashcards, and Quiz. The Review option defines terms and details essential information.
  • Flashcards, which include both a Spanish language and an audio option, can be sorted into “know it” or “review it” piles. After the first pass, players can return to the review pile and try again before taking a quiz.
  • Multiple choice prompts are used in the Quiz section. If a player chooses to retake a test, the same questions are presented, but in a different order.
  • The Feedback option lists the number and percent correct, shows the correct response to missed questions, and gives additional information about the correct response.
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Instructional Ideas

  • The reviews could be conducted by individuals, pairs, groups or an entire class
  • Individuals who score poorly on an exam could be asked to use the app to review the material.
Classroom Considerations

  • Individual statistics cannot be saved if more than one player uses the resource

  • Program is easy to navagate
  • Focus is on key concepts, events, and innovations
  • Review and Flashcard sections contain all the information needed to successfully pass the quizzes
  • Individualized feedback
  • Program can be reset for new player

  • Although the order is scrambled, players encounter the same questions if they retake a quiz
  • Does not provide for multiple users
  • Does not provide an option to collect information on all users