Write a Conclusion to an Informative Paragraph

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Want a simple way to begin the class on writing a conclusion sentence? Watch this. An instructor walks learners through the basic formula of rewording the body of the paragraph to create an appropriate ending: 1) Reread the writing prompt 2) Reread the first draft 3) Restate the response to the question Before assigning this lesson, which is the last of five, remember that it assumes viewers have watched and gone through the steps of the previous four videos.  

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • The video provides a simple structure for learners to follow for creating a concluding sentence

  • The instructor highlights parts of the text that she will use for the conclusion, but does not explain her thought process in selecting those particular sections of texts; have a discussion with your learners about why they would or wouldn't have chosen the same details that the instructor did
  • The final sentence created by the instructor is not a complete sentence; discuss with students why this is so and have them reword it so that the sentence is complete
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