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Write a First Draft of an Informational Text

This Write a First Draft of an Informational Text instructional video also includes:

After you've done your research and written a detailed outline, how do you turn it into an actual an essay? This can be a tricky step for many writers, but this resource can help you and your class take the first step in attacking the drafting process. Young writers will learn to add more general information to an original outline, transform bullet points into full sentences for body paragraphs, and incorporate explanations for how evidence proves an essay's thesis statement. Please note that the resource will seem confusing to viewers who have not watched earlier videos in the series; however, you can take the primary guidelines from the video and incorporate them into your own lesson, or download the slides to move at a pace that is best for your class.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Valuable elements of essay writing, such as including an explanation of how your evidence proves your thesis, are included
  • Illustrates strategy of color-coding sentences
  • As the seventh video in a series of how to craft an informational text, much of the instruction is founded upon information and strategies that were established in earlier videos in the series
  • Narrator moves very quickly and glosses over concepts of creating a hook or adding transitions
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