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Write a Research Thesis Statement

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The thesis statement is at the heart of a well-developed essay, and as the narrator of this video emphasizes from the start, having no thesis statement would be like "taking a picture that's really out of focus." With this resource, walk your young writers through three basic steps to constructing a research thesis statement. Viewers are instructed to review their research questions, restate their questions as a complete sentences, and then to ask, "Am I teaching others something new?" While the video is part of an instructional series based on a particular reading and research question, the skills are transferable to whatever subject you are covering in your own class.

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Classroom Considerations
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  • Opportunity to hear the narrator's thought process and witness the steps she goes through to construct a thesis statement.
  • Does not include adding main points of body paragraphs to thesis statement, nor skill of constructing an outline prior to writing a thesis statement
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