Write and Expression to Find the Cost of an Item with Tax

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When will we use this in real life? Every day! Tax is a common math problem that gets used every time we purchase an item. Show your learners that they can figure out an expression to use whenever they need to find the total price with tax included. The number line is used to model a simple problem and create an expression to find total price. Use the number line again to show how this expression can be used for any amount of tax. Video is first in a four-part series. Use the next video to create an expression for discounts.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Introduces double number line
  • Quick look at the end of lesson reviews steps needed to create expression
  • Learners can use this expression in real life
  • Use notes template as graphic organizer

  • When finding out 10% of 250, jumps to answer of 25 with minimal explanation
  • Learners should be comfortable with converting percents to decimals
  • Only shows one main example
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