Writing Success Criteria

Sometimes it's difficult to assess your own writing. With a handy checklist designed for self-assessment, young writers can take a last look at their essays or stories before turning them in. The checklists address main ideas and details, descriptive language, organization, voice, and word choice as the main criteria for successful writing.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Enlarge the worksheet to create a poster for a language arts center or classroom
  • Include the page in a writing portfolio or binder for reference
  • Laminate the worksheet in a writing center for learners to check off each step with dry erase markers
  • Add to a project rubric to encourage learners to assess their writing before turning it in
  • Use in a peer editing process
Classroom Considerations

  • Doesn't address writing conventions (grammar, structure, etc.) but does include other important components of successful writing 
  • The tool is designed for narrative writing but would work for argumentative or informative writing as well

  • A great tool for learners to internalize in their writing journey
  • One-page format makes the worksheet versatile for multiple uses

  • None