Writing Task 6.EE.8

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The miserably hot Maryland summers serve as a context for learning about inequalities in a short math exercise. Given a simple inequality, young mathematicians are asked to graph it on a number line and provide a brief written explanation supporting their work.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Modify the problem to represent temperatures during a specific season in your own region
  • Differentiate the task by making copies that include a blank number line for students to use
  • Offer this exercise as a warm-up activity during a unit on inequalities, allowing learners to share and discuss their responses with a partner, small group, or the entire class
  • Use this problem as an exit card assessment during a unit on inequalities

  • Resource is available as a Word document that can be edited
  • Two copies of the writing task are formatted to fit on a single page

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