Zumba Dance

Let's get ready to Zumba! An avatar guides you in learning popular dance steps and leads as you earn stars by dancing along. With 17 different achievement badges, the app also allows you to set and track fitness goals, find local Zumba classes, and share progress on Facebook. 

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App Overview

One main home screen allows access to all the features of this dynamic dancing app. Here's a walk-through of what it has to offer.


While the app is designed to be used by one user at a time, it holds up to six different profiles so multiple users can track progress on the same tablet. 

  1. Press Profiles
  2. Type in name, gender, date of birth, weight, height, and choose between metric and imperial (or English) units
  3. Select Save
  4. You'll be taken to the home screen, where the profile name appears at the top-center of the screen


Set up preferences for this profile here.

  1. Choose Settings to control volume of music and whether or not visual cues appear to prompt your dancing during classes and tracks
  2. Press Getting Started and tab through four pages of instruction on how to set up the tablet and where to stand when dancing so the app can most accurately see your moves
  3. About takes you to terms of service, privacy policy, and a FAQ page which offers troubleshooting advice; this is also where you restore any previous purchases made on a different device
  4. Credits lists the people responsible for creating and contributing to the app

Shopping Cart:

Click this icon to purchase three separate tracks for $9.99 each, or buy all three for $24.99.

Single Song:

This section allows you to dance along to one of eight song tracks. One is low intensity, three are medium intensity, and four are high intensity.

  1. Stand the tablet upright in landscape position
  2. Select the track you'd like to dance to, and press the Play button.
  3. Wait for the app to load
  4. A video image of you will appear on the screen
  5. To the right of the video screen is a box that prompts you to do a certain motion to indicate that you're ready to start
  6. Stand back from the screen and make the motion; if you're too close, an alert pops up to tell you to move back
  7. Dance along with the virtual instructor
  8. As you dance, you'll earn stars by correctly copying the moves of the instructor

Press the pause button at any time to put the dance on hold. From the pause screen, you can do one of four things:

  1. Press Resume to continue where you left off
  2. Choose Restart to erase this session and start again
  3. Tap Change Song to start over with a new song
  4. Select Main Menu to leave the Single Song section and return to the home screen

Full Class:

Three options are here. First is the Long Class, which prompts you to buy one of four classes.

Next is Short Class, which includes one free medium-intensity starter class. Follow the same directions as above to dance along and earn stars for good form. To get more classes, you must make a purchase.

Finally is the Custom Playlist, where you can choose which dance rhythms you'd like to play during the short class and which order they play in. 

Fitness Plan:

Tap here to personalize a fitness plan. 

  1. Tap Let's Go
  2. A pre-set burned calories goal appears, along with a progress bar to show what percent of this goal has been achieved
  3. Press Configure to customize
  4. Choose the Time button to type in the amount of time you'd like each workout session to be as well as the frequency with which you'd like to measure your workout success, daily, weekly or monthly
  5. Tap the Calorie icon to type in the number of calories you'd like to burn on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  6. Press Next to complete a short class. The screen prompts the number of calories that will be burned, the dance track name and intensity level, and the amount of time the track will take
  7. Press Delete to erase the current goal and create a new one
  8. Press Back to return to homepage

Learn the Steps:

Here you can learn four different steps in each of four different dance styles: salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton.

  1. Arrow to the dance style you'd like
  2. Press the box for the type of dance step you'd like to learn
  3. Step back from the tablet and make the motion indicated on the screen
  4. Follow the dance steps of the virtual instructor
  5. Press the Speed icon to toggle between slow and normal speeds
  6. Tap the Next arrow to go to a new dance step
  7. When you're ready to move on, press the Pause symbol
  8. Tap Resume to begin again, or Main Menu to exit

Progress Tracker:

Check this out to track your Zumba progress.

  1. Press Statistics to see the score, amount of time you've danced, how well you've mastered technique, and how many calories have been burned in the last week or month
  2. Choose Achievements to scroll through and see which of the 17 badges you've unlocked by completing certain tasks or earning certain numbers of stars; press the four-bubble icon on the bottom right to see a list of all possible achievements
  3. Tap Live Class to enter in the date and duration of live classes you've taken; this will count toward your total goals

Social Hub:

If you log into a Facebook account in this section, you can share your achievements, goals, and other stats. Tap Fan Links to follow Zumba on Facebook or Twitter.

Class Locator:

Tap here and type in a city name or zip code to find a comprehensive listing of Zumba classes in your local area, including instructor name, time, and address.

Gear & DVD's:

Tapping here will take you out of the app to zumba.com, where a variety of dance-related items can be purchased.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Project on an auditorium big screen for a lively, high-energy PE class
  • Explore the cultures behind each of the different dance styles offered and discuss how dance reflects the society where it originates
  • Incorporate math by discussing how the app calculates percentage of calories burned in the Fitness Plan section
Classroom Considerations

  • App is designed to give feedback to one dancer, not multiple dancers
  • Headphones do not reach far enough to be able to have them plugged in while dancing
  • If using the app in the classroom, push all the desks aside to give more room for movement

  • Highly engaging platform gives feedback on how well you've mastered dance moves
  • How-to section provides practice for basic steps of eight different types of dance
  • Fitness goals allow tracking of time spent, calories burned, and other factors that allow you to hold yourself accountable 

  • Only one short class included with price of app; additional classes may be purchased