Table of Contents

Table of Contents - Student Version:

1. Video - Climate Science: What You Need to Know (HS-ESS3-5)

2. Video - Atmospheric CO2 and Earth's Temperature (HS-LS2-4)

3. Interactive - The Greenhouse Effect (HS-ESS2-2)

4. Video - Is Our Climate Headed for a Mathematical Tipping Point? (HS-ESS2-2, HS-ESS2-4, HS-ESS3-4, HS-ESS3-6)

5. Interactive - Paleoclimate: A History of Change (HS-ESS2-2)

6. Video - The Global Warming Facts You Need to Know (HS-ESS3-5)

7. Video - 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming (HS-ESS3-5)

8. Presentation - Exploring Oil and Gas (HS-ESS3-1)