This Week's Testimonials

Lesson Planet has made planning easier.

Fran W.
Greenwich, CT
I find lots of available lessons for homeschooling that simplifies my life.

Anna G.
Greensburg, LA
I'm just beginning to use this resource, but I'm enamored with the prospect of being able to utilize the varied, layered activities.

Roy H.
Alexandria, VA
Lesson Planet helps me find very useful resources.

Loretta D.

More Testimonials

Lesson Planet helps me find CCSS standards lessons.

Laura B.
YES! Lesson Planet helps me with SO many lessons to choose from.

Justine S.
Richland, MO
It's great to have this resource right at my fingertips! Saves me a lot of time!

Samantha M.
Raleigh, NC
Lesson Planet has helped me as a teacher of homeschool to plan lessons. It takes the work out of planning for lessons.

Michelle M.
San Antonio, TX
Lesson Planet helps me find great and inventive lessons with ease. Why recreate the wheel - sharing is always better.

Donna C.
Auburndale, MA
As headteacher in an elementary school and one who has a fair amount of dealing with high school students, Lesson Planet has been a dependable resource. The variety of material available suits a whole range subjects and levels.

Jacqueline M.
Lesson Planet adds great resources to help with my planning.

Edward H.
Potts Camp, MS
Lesson Planet helps me to be ready to teach any time.

Karla J.
Robbinsville, NC
I love to use Lesson Planet as a go to for ideas.

Melanie B.
Ocean View, DE
Lesson Planet helps me by saving time.

Stephen B.
Norfolk, VA
Lesson Planet has given me new ideas.

Laura G.
Lesson Planet has helped me in not wasting time reinventing the wheel. When I have an idea for an activity in my physics class I check to see what others have done.

Irene T.
New Hyde Park, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me to find great resources to use with my students.

Katelyn B.
Benton, AR
I love lesson planet...I am fairly a new teacher and I have been able to find lesson plans and assignments to make my lessons run smoothly. I think it is great.

Delesia P.
Hollis, NY
Lesson Planet is very helpful.

Kamenia G.
Lagrange, GA
It has provided quick access to lesson worksheets that has proven to be an invaluable asset. Thanks Lesson Planet!

Tina T.
St. Augustine, FL
Lesson Planet helps me to be able to differentiate my content.

Shirley G.
Lawrence, MA
During the summer Lesson Planet helped me complete lessons for my graduate courses.

Evonne D.
Nashville, NC
Lesson Planet has saved my life as a first year teacher. It has so many great ideas, and most of it goes along with the Common Core.

Tiffani H.
Memphis, TN
As a former homeschooler and parent of a gifted child, finding supplemental materials to increase his breadth and depth of work is always a challenge. Thank you for the great resources. Keep up the great work.

Shanyn S.
Lesson Planet helps me find great approaches to how to teach difficult to understand concepts.

Mary C.
Clarksville, TN
Lesson Planet is great.

Jenna H.
Bradenton, FL
Lesson Planet has helped me so much. It has taken a lot of the time and frustration from planning lessons and activities.

Connie A.
Tracy, CA
Lesson Planet has inspired creative lesson ideas. I home school my child. I am enjoying using Lesson Planet.

Shirley S.
Fayetteville, NC
Lesson Planet helps me to plan better and keeps me from reinventing the wheel.

Latoya S.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has easy plans and more complex ones, and a wealth of them. I am a long term sub and have been able to find pieces to fit the students I teach.

Morning S.
Santa Rosa, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me find new ways to present information to my students. It's nice to have fresh ideas.

Olevia M.
Mount Pleasant, TX
Lesson Planet is a 5 star site.

Ismaray G.
Hialeah, FL
Lesson Planet has saved me so much time, not having to search for activities and projects.

Alesia H.
Indianapolis, IN
Lesson Planet has given me fantastic ideas on which to launch my own lessons.

Jennifer S.
Ladson, SC

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Emmy Rodgers Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA
Emmy Rodgers
Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA

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