All About Seeds!


First graders learn all about seeds.  In this biology lesson, 1st graders discover: what a fruit is, what is inside of seeds, and how seeds are transported.

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What does a seed need to grow into a plant? What is inside a seed? In a fun and engaging lesson, young scientists learn all about what it takes for a seed to become a plant as they listen to a story, examine the inside of a germinated seed, watch their own seeds sprout, and draw the steps of a seed's growth.

Sprouting an Interest in Seeds and Plants

Students experiment with growing plants with different growing conditions. In this science, math and writing instructional activity, students observe the growth of soybeans. Students discover different types of seeds and how they travel and grow in different places. Additionally, students conduct an investigation to see which growing conditions help plants grow best.

Seed Diversity

Students explore agriculture by researching different seeds. In this seed identification lesson, students collaborate in small groups to analyze a package of different seeds. Students utilize a magnifying glass to examine each seed specifically and record their observations before making an identification.

Fruits and Veggies

First graders learn the scientific definitions of fruits and vegetables and sort food items accordingly.  In this fruits and vegetables lesson, 1st graders explain what foods are, based on the related rule.

Why Is An Apple Like A Suitcase?

Students examine a variety of fruit to discover that each has seeds. Through experimentation, they discover the role that fruit and seeds play in a plant's life cycle.

What Does the Inside of a Seed Look Like?

First graders study seeds. In this biology lesson, 1st graders observe the differences between dry and wet seeds and draw what is inside a seed after peeling off the outer coat of one of the seeds.

Dinofours My Seeds Won't Grow

Pupils read the book, Dinofours My Seeds Won't Grow, and discuss the things a seed needs to grow. They plant their own seeds and watch as they grow.

Focus on Fruits, Vary Your Veggies

Students investigate the fruit and vegetable group. In this nutrition instructional activity, students use the Food Guide Pyramid to identify foods in the fruit and vegetable group. Students discuss kinds of fruits and vegetables and plan to grow a school vegetable garden.

All Sorts of Seeds!

First graders compare seeds and explore how they are carried through the environment.

Dinofours My Seeds Won't Grow

Students listen to a read aloud, Dinofours My Seeds Won't Grow. They talk about what plants need to grow and study the parts of plants. They discuss what types of plants we eat after which they plant a seed in order to observe the growth process.

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