Author Study (Chris Van Allsburg)


Third graders study a list of books written and illustrated by the author. They examine facts about the author's life. They take a survey of Allsburg's books read by the students using the Excel spreadsheet.

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Database & Spreadsheet
Lexinton County School District

Young Author Books: I Am a Leaf on My Family Tree

Fourth graders create family tree books. They discuss culture and brainstorm interview questions for family members. They write stories, poems, and captions for family photos. They interview family members and assemble the interviews into a format for book presentation. They create presentations to share at Young Author Night at school.

Great Picture Books to Teach Social Studies for Grade K-3

Every class enjoys reading new books at the beginning of a unit. Use this resource to identify a variety of books for kindergarten to third grade that can be used to complement social studies standards. The books can kindle learners' interest. This is great resource that includes activity suggestions.

Author Study

Sixth graders choose favorite author and produce, in written or audio form, a presentation that focuses on his or her favorite author. Students then share presentation with classmates.

Awesome Authors

Pupils are introduced to authors and discover they are real people. Using the author's stories, they are incouraged to write their own stories using technology. Using the internet, they research facts, ideas and stories and develop a way to share their story in an interesting way.

Who is your Favorite Author?

Students explore various books to discover a favorite author.  In this book reading lesson plan, students work in groups to find the similarities in an author's books.  Students chart how the authors books were similar. Students create an illustration of a book by their author and write about that author's style of writing.

WANTED: A Few Of Our Favorite Authors

First graders read a number of books by a specified author identifying and comparing story elements. They complete activities associated with a different author's books each week. They follow recipes, make slideshows, make graphs, and study the authors using bookmarked Internet sites.

Author Study

Sixth graders complete an author study. After a lecture/demo, 6th graders choose an author and make a presentation. They read at least two books by the author, then write a description of the author's life, and what they noticed about the books.

Artful Author Studies

Young scholars select an author who has written a number of children's book. They work in groups and the read as many different books by the selected author. Students discuss the illustrations in the books and how they relate to the story. They each select one illustration that best exemplifies the book.

Who's Your Favorite Author?

Students investigate their favorite authors through focusing upon readings that are selected and then following with research to find more information about the author. Then they share writings from their favorite authors in literature circles.

Awesome authors (Elementary, Reading/Writing)

Fifth graders use technology to research and collect data. They develop awareness and appreciation of authors and genres. They organize information for presentation.

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