Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

3rd - 5th

Young scholars read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." After observing the illustrations and previewing chapter titles, students predict what will happen in the story. They research and contact chocolate companies to gather information on their products. Young scholars compare and contrast the main characters in the story. Additional cross-curriculum activities are listed.

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Instructional Design

Chocolate Math

Pupils practice solving math equations by analyzing chocolate recipe measurements. In this chocolate baking math instructional activity, students read about the Hershey factory and recipes used to create chocolate bars. Pupils solve problems and complete a chocolate recipe math worksheet, checking their answers after they have completed it.

Characteristics of Imaginative Stories

Third graders explore genre characteristics. In this genre literacy instructional activity, 3rd graders listen to a variety of fiction stories and classify them according to genre. Students identify common features in each genre and complete a chart by marking these traits after reading each of six stories.

Introduce Vocabulary: Cross a Bridge (Hunter)

What does suspension mean? Learn this and other bridge-related vocabulary as scholars listen to Ryan Ann Hunter's nonfiction book, Cross a Bridge. This strategy can be applied to any book. Before reading, acquaint pupils with the new words they will hear: bay, concrete, gorge, sturdy, and suspension. As they listen, kids indicate when they hear one. There is a comprehension guide for each word to get scholars making personal connections; decide whether you will complete these during, before, or after the reading. Check out the graphic organizers, too!

Movie Maker: Retelling a Story

Using Movie Maker, sixth graders make an eight frame movie based on a story they have written. They choose music clips, select pictures from PowerPoint, and make their movie. The lesson should take about ten days to complete.

Adventure Stories

Students write an adventure story. In this writing activity, students listen to an adventure story and identify the elements of an adventure story. Students use story starters to create their own adventure story.

Digital Story Book

Students create a photo story.  In this visual arts lesson, students choose a sentence about a specific topic, create a picture to go with their sentence, and take a digital photo of their picture.  The teacher compiles all of the photographs in order to make a photo story.

Story Quilt Project

Students investigate how quilt making was a family and community activity. They read and discuss books, complete various handouts, and create a paper quilt celebrating philanthropic activities.

Technology for the Likes of Shakespeare and Poe

Grab a digital camera and your favorite story from Shakespeare or Poe. With those tools, your class will write an autobiographical story including sensory details, authors feelings, point of view, and dialogue. Learners will read, draft, and film original narrative stories to practice using creative thinking and the seven elements of story telling. This lesson is perfect for a new teacher, writer's workshop project, or afterschool program.

Kamishibai Stories

Learners explore kamishibai stories, Japanese stories told through illustrated picture cards, and become familiar with their form. Afterward, they develop their own illustrated kamishibai story. Students discuss the process of drawing, the setting of the story, and the history of Japanese art.

Introduce Vocabulary: Cross a Bridge 

Students discover the meaning of tier two vocabulary words. In this vocabulary lesson, students read Cross a Bridge, listening for 3 pre-selected, tier two vocabulary words. Words are defined by the teacher and students practice recognizing meaning and correct usage with teacher guidance.

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