Decision Making

9th - 12th

Students read and discuss a story about decision making. They consider the role of self-awareness and personal values in decision making.

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World History
45 mins
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Personal Values Clarification Worksheet

In this values self-inventory instructional activity, students consider their personal values systems as they respond to 22 survey questions.

Developing Self Awareness.Community, and Exploring Personal Qualities

Older individuals just overcoming homelessness or drug abuse issues, engage in a practical lesson to boost self-awareness. They work through two hours of activities intended to aid them in gaining a self perspective while increasing community involvement.

Personal Learning Plan

Setting goals, career exploration, and self-awareness are three major components found on the path to college. A wide variety of wonderful teaching tools are provided to help you facilitate an understanding of how simple it can be to plan out an academic career. Planning cards, charts, activity procedures, and web links makes this a handy resource, focused on getting your class ready for college.

Values in a Multicultural Society

Pupils list personal values that are important to them. For this values lesson, students reflect about values they learned during childhood. They discuss the different factors affecting their current beliefs.


Being self-aware of personal wants, needs, and values is a big part of growing up. Here, you'll find seven different teaching options and two different introductions to a lesson plan on getting learners to think about their personal values. It is intended to help them build an understanding of how personal values affect both financial and interpersonal relationships in life. There are 15 attachments included.


Students investigate the importance of accepting responsibility and demonstrating self awareness.

Blue Ribbon Readers: Making Connections

Model for young readers how to make the shift from passive to active reading by making text-to-self and text-to-text connections. After a series of activities that provide guided practice, the focus shifts to making text-to-words connections. The scripted plan includes suggested texts, review, and practice exercises.

Genre Lesson: Realistic Fiction

As scholars begin identifying stories as realistic fiction, its important they see many examples to solidify their concepts of this genre. Readers begin with a personal connection, thinking of television shows they like and determining which ones are realistic fiction. Next, model a couple of examples from the "Is This for Real?" graphic organizer which has kids read passages to determine whether or not they are realistic fiction. They underline key elements and make personal connections to each excerpt. Take this further by having them find and analyze their own excerpts from a novel they are reading (blank organizer included). This instructional activity is part of a larger unit on Jerry Spinelli's novel Maniac Magee and can be found in the beginning of a 38-page student packet. 

Journey Into Self

Eleventh graders examine the concept of the journey into self through a variety of literary genres. They express the personal notion of self by creating a picture poem and writing a personal reflection esssay.

How Values Affect Career Choices

Personal values can affect the type of job or occupation a person chooses to obtain. The class takes an online survey (links included) to see where their personal values lie, and what job they'd be best suited for. Several remediation suggestions and links are also included.

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