Decision Making

9th - 12th

Students read and discuss a story about decision making. They consider the role of self-awareness and personal values in decision making.

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45 mins

AIDS Awareness Campaign

Ninth graders launch their own AIDS awareness campaign. In this AIDS lesson, 9th graders read narratives from Our Stories, Our Songs: African Children Talk About AIDS. Students then share the stories they read and create their own commercials to draw attention to the plight of African children.

Values in a Multicultural Society

Students list personal values that are important to them. In this values lesson, students reflect about values they learned during childhood. They discuss the different factors affecting their current beliefs.

Making Effective Decisions

Students examine decision-making styles. In this self-awareness lesson, students work through 3 exercises examining the different styles of decision-making, how barriers effect decision-making. The lesson concludes with role-playing.

Establishing a Global Perspective: Do Values Cross Borders?

Twelfth graders explore values in global perspectives. They discuss values in popular films and complete a timeline of their personal, societal, and key events. They design a photograph that reflects the concept of values. They create questions for an online survey.


Learners identify their personal values. They determine that values help give us direction and help us set goals for the future. They discover that we develop our values from those around us and from our experiences. They create a 'Stand up for your value' list.

How Values Affect Career Choices

Personal values can affect the type of job or occupation a person chooses to obtain. The class takes an online survey (links included) to see where their personal values lie, and what job they'd be best suited for. Several remediation suggestions and links are also included.

Self Awareness

Students investigate the concepts related to the concept of self-knowledge and self-esteem. They conduct construct a life skills binder and complete a series of worksheet activities centered around self discovery. The goal is for students to develop confidence for interpersonal relationships.


High schoolers focus on responsible decision making and values-clarification in this unit of lessons. They examine how values effect decision making can make the difference between a successful life and one filled with problems.

At the Core of Philanthropy: Democratic Values

Students examine their personal values, learn the core Democratic values, and the connection to the founding documents. In this Democratic values activity, students define 5 Core Democratic Values, explain the role of the values who act philanthropically, and explain the connection between the values and founding documents.


Students investigate the importance of accepting responsibility and demonstrating self awareness.

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