Famous People Research Project


Fourth graders research a famous person in Michigan history. They will use at least three different resources including technology to conduct their research. They then will use various forms of technology to create individual research projects and a class slide show presentation of their topics.

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Flight of the Falcon: School History Project

Fourth graders complete a unit that examines the social, economic, and political changes in their state history from 1919 to the present. They conduct Internet research, take a field trip to the Historical Society, and create a Living Museum.

Migrations: Dance Stories about the Journeys of People

Bring social studies to life! This interdisciplinary lesson has young writers tell the story of the migration of diverse groups of people to the United States. Pupils view the work of selected choreographers and discuss how dance often tells a story. A research component allows them to collect data on select populations to inspire written stories and creative dances.

Researching and Note-Taking: Building Expertise About a Colonial Trade

Building on the previous lesson in this unit on colonial trade, the ninth lesson has young experts continuing their research and writing summaries of the information they find. To begin, children participate in guided practice where they read and summarize an informational text as a whole class, learning to focus on the question words who, what, where, when, and why. Learners then break into expert groups to reread their informational texts, while continuing to take notes and discuss their findings.  The lesson concludes with the young researchers writing a summary of their colonial trade, citing specific evidence from their reading. An excellent resource that supports in using research to create a summary of informational text.

Agricultural Technology

Fourth graders study the role of technology in agriculture. In this agricultural technology lesson plan, 4th graders spend ten to twelve days studying how technology affects agriculture. Students also are made aware of different careers in the agriculture and biotechnology field.

Researching and Note-Taking: Becoming an Expert on a Colonial Trade

Fourth graders work in small groups to become experts on different colonial trades in the eighth lesson plan of this unit. Working toward the long-term goal of writing a piece of historical fiction, young scholars read informational texts and work collaboratively to take notes on terms related to their specific trade. Learners practice reading and rereading text, first to get a gist of the content, and second to focus on key vocabulary. Make sure dictionaries are available to support students in making sense of the different terms they encounter in their reading. This is a great lesson plan that supports young researchers as they work with their peers to become experts on a colonial trade.

Cereal Box Project

Challenge your class with this fun and engaging engineering design project. The goal, to create a brand new cereal complete with a list of ingredients, a name and logo, and a box to hold it in. Starting with a survey to determine the needs of the target market, students continue on to design possible solutions, build prototypes, and calculate the costs involved in manufacturing their product. This project does require a lot of work, so consider allowing the class to work in pairs or small groups to not only support their success, but to also replicate the cooperative nature of the engineering design process.

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Earnest Research

Incorporating research and project-based learning while celebrating Native American Heritage Month.

Come & Join Me...Take a Trip to Cherokee

Fourth graders research information about the Cherokee people. They locate and describe American Indians in North Carolina, past and present. Students plan, discuss and use search strategies with two or more criteria to find needed information.

Technology and You

Young scholars conduct Internet research to determine how technology has affected human life. They investigate how technology has impacted their live. They work in groups to produce a slideshow presentation of their research findings.

Proud to Live in New Jersey

Students explore New Jersey. In this New Jersey social studies instructional activity, students define vocabulary and participate in activities centered around the agriculture, geography, industry, history, and culture of New Jersey. Students construct a visual representation showing "pride in New Jersey" using art materials, movement, or music. Students persuade families and businesses to move to New Jersey by giving an oral presentation describing their project.

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