Isolating the Variable


Ninth graders investigate how to solve equations with the variable present on both sides. They practice isolating the variable and combining like terms before solving the equation for the variable.

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1 hr
Delta State University
Eddie L. Childs, Sr.

Solving One Step Equation

Students solve one step equations. In this algebra lesson plan, students solve linear equations using division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. They investigate the correct way to keep an equation balanced.

Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

In this systems of equations learning exercise, students solve systems of equations by graphing.  They identify the intercept of two lines.  This two-page learning exercise contains 12 multi-step problems.  Explanations and examples are provided.

Solving Systems of Equations: The Method of Substitution

Here is an engaging lesson which will help your class learn to solve systems of equations. They solve three variable systems of equations using the substitution method.

A Balancing Act: Solving Multi-Step Equations

Wow! Put on that thinking cap and solve multi-step equations. To solve equations, learners review the use of the distributive property and combining like terms. This three-day lesson comes with about 20 pages of worksheets, warm-ups, quizzes and answer keys.

Simplifying and Solving One Step Equations

Students solve one step linear equations. In this algebra instructional activity, students use addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to solve linear equations. They practice solving two step equations as well.

Solving Systems of Equations: The Method of Elimination

Students explore the concept of systems of equations.  In this systems of equations lesson, students solve systems of equations by elimination.  Students solve three variable systems by eliminating a variable.

Solving Quadratic Trigonometric Equations

For this trigonometry worksheet, students solve quadratic trigonometric equations. The seven page worksheet contains explanation, examples, and sixteen multi-part questions. Answers are not included.

Solving Multi-Step Equations (Ch. 2.3)

Eighth graders solve multi-step equations, showing each step in their solution. This multi-step equations instructional activity includes sample problems to complete as a class, clear step by step instructions for the student and a linked comic strip that illustrates the need to show all steps when solving equations.

Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination

Elimination is another way to solve systems of equations besides graphing and substitution. Sal's lecture is clear and easy to understand even for struggling learners. By having a variety of options when faced with linear equations, one can truly dissect a problem and use the method that is most beneficial for him.

Solving Systems of Equations

Learners explore the concept of solving systems of equations with two equations and two unknowns. In this solving systems of equations lesson, they work through problems of solving systems by substitution, elimination, and graphing. Problems have one solution, no solution, and infinite solutions.

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