Long Rope Jumping

3rd - 6th

Students participate in long rope jumping. In this physical education lesson, students use four cones and a long rope to complete several activities. One students has the role of a "turner" and their partner is the "jumper." Each partnership completes several long-rope turning and jumping skills.

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1 hr

Jump Rope Relay

Third graders demonstrate jump rope skills. In this physical education lesson, 3rd graders are divided into groups of four and complete a series of jump rope activities. Students hand off the jump rope to their teammate when they complete the activity.

Jumping Multiples

Fourth graders practice their multiplication facts by using jump ropes and incorporating math into physical education. They use their jump ropes to jump the product of the multiples that the teacher calls out.

Jumping Multiples

Students study multiplication facts. In this multiplication lesson plan, students memorize multiplication facts by participating in a jump rope activity. Students listen for the multiplication fact called out and jump the number of times to match the answer.

Activity and Exercise

Leave it to the classic jump rope to get your class excited about physical activity! Your class will begin by discussing the benefits of jumping rope as a form of exercise and learning a few different types of jumps. Then in groups of four, your young athletes will engage in various activities that will build in progression, and ultimately lead to independent jump rope practice. This is the first resource in a series of fitness and physical activity lessons.

Jumping and Landing

Third graders examine primary sources of students jumping, or skipping rope. For this physical education lesson, 3rd graders compare activities from then and now. Additionally, students describe various scenes or scenarios within the pictures. Students are encouraged to create their own photo journal of play/sport interests.

Physical Education/Jumping Rope

Jump rope! Jump with both feet. Jump on your left foot. Jump on your right foot. In pairs, count for your partner how many jumps they can do in a row. Do each type of jump three times. Take the data collected back to math class and find the mean, mode, and median. Great details for a very basic jump rope lesson.

District Wide Jump Rope For Heart

Students participate in a district American Heart Association Jump Rope event. They meet students in their age from other schools in a social setting. Students come to the High School gym on a Saturday morning in February. They are given a t-shirt, snacks and drinks for participating.

Rope Jumping

Students demonstrate two-foot singles and doubles with a short jump rope. They participate in a skipping and galloping warm-up activity, observe a teacher-led demonstration of two-foot singles and doubles and other types of jumps, and demonstrate what they observe.

Introduction of Jump Ropes

Students research the importance of jump ropes in sports. Students team up with a partner to time their jump roping and heart rates. Students preform various skills using the jump rope.

Jump Rope For Your Heart

Students jump over a twirling jump rope as well as twirl a jump rope. Students demonstrate what a \"front door\" and what a \"back door\" is related to entering a jump rope while twirling. They demonstrate and maintain continuous activity with a long jump rope. Finally, they are introduced to Chinese jump rope and Double Dutch jump rope.

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