Of Mice and Men: Chapter 3 Reading and Study Guide

8th - 12th

Boost comprehension with an excellent reading guide for chapter 3 Of Mice and Men. Learners define four vocabulary words, note one allusion, define five literary terms, and respond to 31 short answer questions regarding the Steinbeck novel. This is your typical reading guide, designed to keep learners actively reading. 

Resource Details

Guided Reading: Skydiving

Learners read about skydiving. In this nonfiction  lesson students read a nonfiction book about skydiving. Learners write in their journal advocating for or against participating in the sport of skydiving.

Reading a Map

Third graders become familiar with the vocabulary and skills related to mapping.  In this guided reading lesson, 3rd graders find proper nouns on from the map.  Students read Goldilocks.  Students make a map of their room.

Guided Reading Lesson Plan: Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

Students read the chapter book, Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade and discuss the chapters they are reading, as they go.  In this reading comprehension lesson, students reflect on what they are reading by class discussions and responses in their journals.  

Summer Reading Is Killing Me: chapters 7 and 8

Students complete pre reading, writing, and post reading activities for the book Summer Reading Is Killing Me: chapters 7 and 8. In this guided reading lesson plan, students complete writing, go over vocabulary, answer short answer questions, have discussions, and more.

Language Arts: Guided Reading with Fancy Dance

Students participate in a guided reading of Leslie Johnson's, Fancy Dance and discover how to sequence events. This lesson stresses word recognition, suffixes and prefixes, and sentence structure. Cross-curricular activities involve art, science, social studies, and math.

Class Clown: Guided Reading

Students discuss the book Class Clown. In this guided reading lesson students read the book Class Clown by Johanna Hurwitz. Students read chapters independently and discuss the story as a group.

Guided Reading Lesson: Magic Tree House Blizzard of the Blue Moon by Mary Pope Osborne

Students participate in guided reading lessons as they read the Magic Tree House Blizzard of the Blue Moon by Mary Pope Osborne. In this guided reading lesson plan set, the students read and discuss the book by chapters. They write predictions, build vocabulary, and use a variety of reading strategies.

Circle of Gold: Guided Reading

Students participate in 8 guided reading sessions in which they read the novel, Circle of Gold, by Candy Dawson Boyd. They focus on and discuss characterization, synthesis, analysis, and predicting. They complete journal entries and worksheets.

Guided Reading: Asking Questions

Here is a reading strategies lesson plan in which learners use post it notes to create a bulletin board. They post their new questions on the bulletin board and look back at questions they have already learned the answer to. A great idea, this activity shows young learners how much they learn through reading! 

John Steinbeck’s "The Grapes of Wrath": The Inner Chapters

Here’s a must-have resource for anyone using The Grapes of Wrath. Everything from guiding question to background information, from photographs to documentary films, from activities to assessments is included in a richly detailed packet designed to show readers the tight relationship between the Joad narrative and the inner or intercalary chapters of John Steinbeck’s acclaimed novel.

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