Past Tense Irregular Verbs


With this worksheet, youngsters review past tense irregular words and predict the spelling of these words. They complete a worksheet where they fill in the missing letters of irregular verbs. The sheet provides the exact number of spaces for the missing letters, helping learners narrow down their options. 

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Forms of Irregular Verbs: Past Tense

A simple explanation of irregular verbs, with a list of 10 examples, precedes several exercises in using them. Learners complete exercises in which they circle the correct form of a verb in a sentence, rewrite present-tense sentences using the past, and rewrite sentences using either past or past participle forms as appropriate. What I like about this resource is that it does not bog down learners with terms like "participle"; instead they refer to it as "past with has, have, or had."

Irregular Verbs

In this irregular verbs learning exercise, students say, write, and repeat words that are irregular verbs. Students do this for 138 sets of words total.

Irregular Verbs Word Search

In this irregular verbs activity, students locate 60 verbs in the word puzzle. There is a word bank for the students to use for this large puzzle.

Spelling Guide--Grade 2 Week 17

In this spelling worksheet, 2nd graders read and rewrite the ten spelling words three times each and complete three assignments based on the spelling words. The three assignments include creating an illustration for the spelling words, writing flashcards and creating an anagram.

Regular or Irregular: Two Kinds of Verbs

The two kinds of verbs, regular and irregular, are the focus of this language arts worksheet. After a thorough, two-page description of both types, young grammarians fill in the present tense verb given the simple past and past participle forms. Twelve problems all together; the first one is done for you. Answer key attached.

Irregular Verbs Practice

In this irregular verbs worksheet, learners complete activities such as fill in the blanks, multiple choice, and a word search all having to do with irregular verbs. Students complete 32 problems.

40 Ways to Spice Up Your Spelling Words

Students participate in numerous activities to improve spelling. Activities include, but are not limited to: writing words in ABC order, writing words backwards, creating silly sentences, illustrating words, coloring words, and more. Hands-on activities include spelling words in dirt, making words out of Popsicle sticks, converting words to Morse code, and writing a commercial using the words. The many activities listed are designed to interest and assist in spelling.

Make Spelling Fun Lesson Plan

Students participate in several spelling exercises. In this spelling lesson, students play a game of spelling bingo in order to memorize their spelling words for the week. After the bingo game, students are assessed on their spelling words.

Spelling Review Game

Students play a fast-paced game to review spelling words. This quick spelling practice game can fill a 2-minute transition time or serve as a 20-minute review lesson. It can be used in a class which has the same, or different spelling lists.

Verb Forms

In this interactive grammar worksheet, students put the 48 given irregular verbs into different forms. Students type in each form next to the given verb.

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