Percentages: Fractions and Decimals


Second graders convert fractions to percentages.  For this interactive whiteboard percentages lesson, 2nd graders problem solve using percentages, fractions, and decimals.

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Using M & M's to Teach Math

Mmm, M & M's! Learners of all ages will love this tasty instructional activity! Use this popular treat to explore percentages, proportions, and probability! Then, after you graph your results, enjoy a delicious treat; you've earned it! 

Fraction Representations

Children watch as the teacher cuts paper pizzas into two sections. One is evenly divided, while the others are obviously not equal. From this demonstration, students discuss the concept of "half." They solve problems related to their experiences and discuss "half." One of the example problems: Jeff has 12 pieces of licorice, he gives his friend 5. Did he give his friend half? Discussions and activities are repeated with "one-fourth" and one-third."

Fraction Representations - Grade One

Early learners identify commonly used fractions such as  halves, thirds, and fourths. There are many activities in this three part lesson plan. They use manipulatives to develop an understanding of fractions and fractional parts. They complete a pre-test, several worksheets, and a post-assessment.

What's Left?

Students work together to choose a favorite food that can be divided. Using construction paper, they draw a picture of the food and take turns erasing it to determine how much of it is left. They must include all equations, fractions and percentages when they erase another piece.

Cuisenaire Chefs

Favorite family recipes and cuisenaire rods are used to help learners understand fractions. They bring in recipes from home and then use their cuisenaire rods to model the fractional values needed to prepare various dishes. A great way to build interest while providing a concrete representation of the sometimes tricky concept of fractions. 

Fraction Frenzy

Second graders identify fractions as part of a set. They explain concrete and symbolic representations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents in real-world situations. They complete a web-based cookie baking lesson.

Fantastic Fractions

Learners study how shapes can be divided into equal parts, that each part be equal to its counterpart, and combining parts equals one whole. They make the shapes out of modeling clay and take digital pictures of its parts to create an animation. Fantastic fraction fun!

Convert Percentages to Decimals Part 2

In this online interactive worksheet, students complete several exercises by converting percentages to decimals using numbers between zero and one hundred.

The Literature Connection

Second graders read Cucumber Soup by Vickie Leigh. They make representations for the number of each kind of bug found in the book. This lesson is a terrific way to show students how fractions, decimals and percents are related.

Introduction to Fractions

Students investigate fractions using online sources.

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