Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

4th - 6th

Students read a Dr. Seuss book as part of a study on organism ecosystems. In this ecosystems lesson plan, students read an interactive story about the Sun's energy and watch a video about decomposers. Students then research an ocean ecosystem and make a food chain for the environments energy flow. Students read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss about ecosystems.

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Instructional Design
Project-Based Learning
4 days

Ecosystem Hunt

In this ecosystems worksheet, 5th graders explore different kinds of ecosystems. Students read about the different ecosystems, watch a film, analyze graphs, and answer questions. There are twenty-three ecosystem questions in all.

Student Exploration: Prairie Ecosystem

In this earthquake exploration worksheet, students complete 3 prior knowledge questions, then use "Prairie Ecosystem Gizmo" to conduct several activities, completing short answer questions when finished.

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

Students collect data on consumers, producers and decomposers of a biome of their choice. They create a list of organisms that live in the forest and then research them to find out more information. They connect their information to create a food web.

Getting to Know the Ecosystems of Houston

Fifth graders explore and explain the ecosystems in the city of Houston. In this ecosystems lesson plan, 5th graders explain how living organisms depend on each other and use adaptive characteristics to survive.

Ecosystem Game

Students examine the ecosystem by playing a game. For this ecosystem lesson, students are put into groups of decomposers, consumers, and producers. Students create a list of animals that fit into each group and items that represent organic material, solar energy and soil. Students rush to grab the items that belong to their group.

Exploring Ecosystems

Fourth graders investigate ecosystems. In this ecosystem lesson, 4th graders explore producers, consumers, and decomposers and study the interdependence of each.

Exploring Ecosystems

Fourth graders create an ecosystem as a class. They have already produced smaller ones. They use a pond or something similar on school grounds to meet the needs of certain plants and animals of their ecosystem. Specifically created will be a terrarium and an aquarium. They record observations as they work.

Florida's Food Webs

Fourth graders, after researching a Florida ecosystem, illustrate a food web based on the organisms living in that ecosystem.

Ecosystem Energizers

Fourth graders see how the flow of energy through an ecosystem made up of producers, consumers, and decomposers carries out the processes of life and that some energy dissipates as heat and is not recycled.

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, Oh My!

The amazing world of ecosystems is the focus of this science instructional activity. Pupils research examples of producers, decomposers, and consumers. They identify the ways these plants and animals create a balanced ecosystem. Small groups are given a photo of a consumer, producer, or decomposer and must compile a short report on its role in an ecosystem. Each group shares their findings with the class.

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