Ratio and Proportion

6th - 8th

Middle schoolers review the definition and rules for equivalent fractions. Additionally, they are introduced to equivalent ratios. They write examples of ratios from the board, and they come to the board to write the correct equivalent ratios, giving reasons for their choices.

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3 days

Ratio and Proportion 7.1

In this calculating ratio and proportion instructional activity, students write rations in their simplest form, write in the form 1:n for ratios, and solve word problems. Students solve 4 problems.

Ratios and Proportions

For this ratios and proportions worksheet, students complete a series of short answer questions based on different charts and word problems dealing with ratios and proportions. Students complete 9 problems.

Ratio and Proportion: Write and Interpret

In this ratio and proportion worksheet, students explore example problems. Afterwards, they read story problems and use ratios and proportions to find the solution. This three-page worksheet contains six multi-step problems,

Practice Questions-Level 1: Ratio and Proportion

For this ratio and proportions word problems worksheet, students read the problems, solve, and choose the correct multiple choice answer. Students solve 12 problems.

Concept: Ratios and Proportions

Upper elementary and middle school pupils fill out a chart creating six equivalent fractions and then compare them to six different objects and/or shapes. They group together 16 various terms related to ratios and proportions. Pupils fill in 14 blanks to answer 14 facts about ratios and proportions online.

Partying with Proportions and Percents

Examine ratios and proportions in several real-world scenarios. Children will calculate unit rates, work with proportions and percentages as they plan a party, purchase produce, and take a tally. This lesson plan recommends five 45-minute sessions to complete all of the activities, but you can pick and choose what would be most applicable to your curriculum.

Word Problems Dealing with Ratio and Proportion

Mindful middle-schoolers read and solve a number of word problems. Learners copy and discuss what they believe their strategies are in solving each problem. They also write their findings and share with the rest of the class.

Recipes and Ratios

Pupils use ratio and proportions to adjust recipe size.  For this middle school mathematics lesson, students investigate Native American food and adjust the recipe size for said foods to the number of servings needed to feed the pupils in the class. 

A Recipe For Success

Sixth graders explore a relevant application of ratios and proportions. They apply this concept through guided practice and interactive feedback.

Ratio and Proportion

Students investigate ratio and proportion.  In this middle school mathematics lesson, students write ratios and find equal ratios.  Students use ratio and proportion to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy body proportions.

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