Regular And Irregular Plurals


Sixth graders engage in a lesson that covers the use of regular and irregular plurals. They practice using four different games which work for keeping the student level of engagement high. Students review the rules of basic plurals and practice the plurals.

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1 hr

Sentence Maze: Irregular Plurals

In this irregular plural noun practice worksheet, students connect the words in each sentence to find their way through the maze.

Sentences Bulls Eye: Irregular Plural Nouns

In this irregular plural nouns practice learning exercise, students draw two lines from each of 8 sentence beginnings through two irregular plural nouns and two ending to form 8 grammatically correct sentences.

Language Focus and Vocabulary Unit 7.1: Irregular Verbs, Describing People

Help your learners understand how to describe people and use irregular verbs in the past tense with a series of exercises. After practicing verbs such as became, bought, and knew, kids fill in the blanks to complete additional sentences. They work on vocabulary relating to sports and describing people, including eye color and height.

Irregular Adverbs of Manner

What's the difference between good and well? How about hard and hardly? Practice these words and more with two activities. Using a brief reading passage and a word bank, class members complete 11 sentences in writing and then practice asking and answering eight provided questions. See the second page for detailed procedures.

ELL: Regular and Irregular Plurals

In this multiplication worksheet, students read about regular and irregular plural nouns, then decide whether given nouns are regular or irregular. Houghton Mifflin text is referenced.

Is It Irregular? - That is the Question

For this grammar worksheet, students read about using irregular and regular verbs in sentence writing. They then answer the 26 questions on the worksheet. The answers are on the last page.

Irregular Plural Nouns

In this irregular plural nouns learning exercise, students read explanations and examples of irregular plural nouns, then interactively type the plural form of 15 nouns, with immediate online feedback.

Irregular Past Simple

Learners practice, through repetition, the past tense forms of the irregular verbs teach, wear, win, and write. It is an interactive online resource, so have your elementary fast finishers in the computer lab work on it while you help the rest of the class. Features word scrambles, dictation, filling in the blanks, and word search.

Subject/ Verb Agreement - Plural Nouns and Pronouns I, We, You, They

In this subject verb agreement worksheet, 6th graders read the rules for agreement and complete 3 practice parts. They do 15 questions where they circle the correct verb and answer 5 multiple choice questions looking for the correctly written sentence. 

Subject/Verb Agreement - Irregular Verbs

In this language arts worksheet, students practice identifying proper subject-verb agreement in sentences. Students also identify irregular verbs, and complete 26 problems via fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and short answer problems. An online quiz is embedded in this worksheet. Terrific resource!

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