Rounding Decimals


Fourth graders engage in a lesson that is about the concept of rounding decimals. They review place value and focus it upon the practice of rounding. Students use 10 base decimal grids or models to help make connections with the skill.

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Rounding Decimals Series of Worksheets

Pupils complete five worksheets that help them round decimal numbers. They complete several types of rounding activities, and solve 82 problems.

Rounding Decimals

Learners explore mathematics by participating in a flash card experiment. In this decimal rounding lesson, students identify the different values of each number before and after a decimal. Learners practice rounding in a speed driven flash card exercise with their classmates and complete a decimal worksheet.

Rounding Decimals

Fourth graders explore rounding a price given in dollar and cents to the nearest dollar. In this math lesson, 4th graders discover how to round to the nearest dollar. Additionally, students practice rounding money for objects that they "buy" from the class store. Students participate in small groups with different roles.

Lesson Plan: Rounding Decimals

Round decimals to the nearest place value. Your math class participates in a guided practice lesson where the steps of rounding a decimal are reviewed. They then complete a worksheet on rounding to the nearest dollar, hundredth, and thousandth.

Rounding Decimals, from Hundredths Place to Whole Numbers

An efficient and straightforward decimals learning exercise! Young learners round amounts of money and measurements to the nearest dollar or meter. Each section contains 20 problems, making it easy to divide up this asignment into several lessons. Additionally, you could assign these problems as a formative assessment before moving on in your decimals unit.

Rounding Decimals

Looking for 60 opportunities for scholars to practice rounding decimals to the nearest whole number? You've found it! These problems are split into three sections based on the total number of digits in the number. The first section has 20 two-digit numbers, the second section has 20 three-digit numbers, and the last section has 20 four-digit numbers. These digits all include decimals, which only extend to the tenths place for all numbers. Learners can use three completed examples as reference. Consider numbering the exercise before copying to make review smoother.

Rounding Decimals

In this interactive rounding worksheet, 4th graders practice rounding decimals to the given place value. There are 10 rounding problems to complete.

Decimal Models

Before jumping into numeral decimals, explore them visually using this base 10 strategy. There is a set of examples to help scholars understand the concept. They color in grids to represent decimals written in a variety of ways. Some include tenths and others hundredths. After completing eight of these, they switch it around and write in decimals to represent already-colored grids. Watch for confusion with zeros here, making sure mathematicians understand that .09 is very different from .9.

Rounding Decimals

Learners review the relationship between decimals and fractions.  In this rounding decimals lesson, students discuss money and how you can round it out to the nearest cents, dollar or ten dollars or hundreds.  Learners draw a relationship to other numbers.  Students complete a worksheet.

Rounding Decimals

Challenge your fifth graders with a worksheet on rounding decimals. Each section provides three columns of decimals and a space for pupils to round them to the nearest tenth. This makes a nice homework assignment, or a timed in-class test.

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