Seeds & Germination

1st - 12th

Students study the types and parts of seeds and how they have evolved.  In this germination lesson students complete experiments that show the effects of variables role in seed germination. 

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Inquiry-Based Learning

Germination Observations

Students germinate seeds under a variety of conditions. First, students read and discuss the background of gardening. After reviewing germination and the steps to the scientific method, groups of students complete experiments.

From Seed to Plant

First graders listen to the book, FROM SEED TO PLANT by Gail Gibbons and identify the process by which a seed becomes a plant. They discover the names of the parts of a plant as well as what is needed for it to grow. They wrap up the lesson by planting of their own flower seed.

Learn About Plants

Students investigate plants. In this plant biology instructional activity, students read the book From Seed to Plant and examine several plants in learning stations. Students draw a diagram of a plant and label the parts appropriately.

Understanding Electricity Mix Tradeoffs

Use the accompanying presentation and colorful technology sheets to introduce your class to the 10 different energy technologies. Connect kids to an interactive computer tool that allows them to combine different types of power generation and find out how it will affect emissions and costs. A great way to address Next Generation Science Standards HS-ETS1-1 and HS-ETS1-4.

Let's Learn About Plants!

After listening to From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons, learners take a walk around their school looking for plants. They use digital cameras to photograph the plants, then construct a class book which has the identities of the plants, and labels for the plant parts. A good, cross-curricular instructional activity.

Germination: Name that Seed

Learners investigate seeds, flowers and germinating seeds. In this germination lesson plan, students observe a stalk of corn, a corn seed, Gladiolas and glass jars containing germinating sees and plants. Learners answer 8 questions related to the complexity of the seeds, the male and female reproductive organs in the flower, the differences between monocot and dicot seeds and germination.

Seed Germination on Gelatin

Students examine how seeds germinate in a culture.  In this germination lesson students germinate seeds in gelatin and observe the growth of the plant.

A Planting We Will Go

Learners hear Eric Carle's book, The Tiny Seed, to explain the concept of seeds changing and growing into plants when conditions in the environment are appropriate. They germinate seeds and learn the parts of plants.

The Promise of a Seed

Young scholars grow plants. In this seeds to plants lesson, students are divided into four groups and each group plants a different type of seed and observes it as it grows. They discuss proper care of plants.

From Seed to Plant

Students identify plant parts, where seeds come from and how they grow, determine what plants need to survive, and recognize through various activities how plants are a benefit to people and our planet.

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