The Emperor's New Clothes

1st - 4th

Students read The Emperor's New Clothes. In this language arts lesson, students reconstruct the story. Students play a game to recall words they heard in the story. Students discuss how the story might end.

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Clothing and Social Change in America

Students examine how clothing for men and women has changed over time with their changing roles in society. Students work individually and in groups to complete the tasks in this lesson.

Intermediate Short Stories - "A New Cat"

Learners will read a short story in a basic and advanced version. They then answer 3 comprehension questions and 5 vocabulary questions.

The Active Learner: "Dia's Story Cloth" Literature Guide

Students discuss pre-reading focus questions and complete a KWL chart. In this language arts lesson, students mark passages or words they are unsure of with post-it notes to discuss later and answer comprehension questions after reading. Students chunk and discuss words that are unknown to them. Suggestions for activities across the curriculum are given.

Teaching Hmong History And Culture Through Story Cloths

Pupils examine the culture and history of the Hmong. Using story cloths, they investigate how they were used as expressions of their culture. They discover the Hmong's economic conditions and how they were able to form a new way to share their stories. They create drawings to show one main idea from the lesson.

Language Experience Stories

Here is a great way to bring core content to your special education classroom. Included is a set of instructional ideas intended to help learners increase their verbal and written expression through storytelling. Tape recorders, story frames, and group story experiences will help your class understand setting, character, sequence of events, and language development.

Folktale Unit: The Emperor and the Kite

Learners read the story of The Emperor and the Kite examining new vocabulary and working on comprehension skills. They examine how to summarize the story after reading it.

Let's Make a Story

Student's explore the concept of creating a story. In this creative writing lesson, students identify and imagine stories about foxes. Students also write a class book, each contributing one sentence to the story.

The Emperor Penguin's Egg

Here is a game intended for use at home that could easily be adapted to the school environment. The class reads an informational story about emperor penguins and then they watch a clip from the film, March of the Penguins. They focus on the harshness of the environment and how male penguins protect their eggs by carrying them on their feet. Each child grabs a ball (egg) and attempts to walk across the room balancing it on top of his feet. This game could easily lead into a discussion on adaptive survival traits.

Storytelling and Culture

Students examine the cultural tradition of storytelling. In this storytelling lesson, students explore stories from 3 different cultures and evaluate the roles that storytelling plays in each of the cultures to pass on values and beliefs.

Time's Up

Students create an individual timeline that documents their personal history from the previous year. Working in pairs, they interview each other to gather information about their past experiences and new year's expectations. Students use this information to create their timeline and a personal essay documenting their experiences from the previous year.

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