The Mind-Body Connection


Second graders learn about the human body. For this biology lesson plan, 2nd graders will begin with the basics of understanding charts and graphs and progress into units that cover the body systems, and mental and emotional health. Students will learn how their daily choices effect their bodies.

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The Solar System

Students access prior knowledge and to become familiar with the solar system. In this solar system lesson, students use felt to build a solar system model. Students label their solar systems. Students use chalk and correct scaling to position a solar system diagram outside.

The Human Body

An incredible series of lessons on the human body is here for you! Young scientists explore various websites, construct a skeleton using macaroni, compare/contrast a frog skeleton to a human skeleton, label the main parts of the human body, and create a clay model heart.  Wow! What a lesson!

Our Amazing Body!

Students explain characteristics and functions of observable body parts. They identify major bones in the body, list and locate the major systems of the the body through a series of activities such as chalk outlines, body bingo, and toothpick skeletons.

Solar System Scale & Size

Use a variety of whole fruits to represent the different planets in the solar system to introduce scale sizes to your math or space science class. They follow suit by creating a non-scaled model of the solar system using specific-colored pony beads. 

How Do Toxins Affect the Human Body?

Young scholars study toxins. In this biology lesson plan, students identify toxins contained within household products and determine specific affects that toxins may have on the human body.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones are Going to Walk Around: The Human Body

Students explore human anatomy by creating a science book in class. In this skeletal structure lesson, students identify the different body systems such as muscular, nervous, skeletal, and digestive. Students create a picture book which details the different systems they have researched.

Tulip Graphing

Students create a graph of tulip growth. In this data analysis lesson, students plant tulip bulbs and use graph paper to begin graphing data on the growth of the tulip.

Body Systems Unit

Second graders complete a unit of lessons on the body systems. They watch the video, Magic Schoolbus Inside the Human Body, trace their bodies and construct the systems on the tracing, simulate the digestive system, and participate in various demonstrations.

The Human Body, Incorporated

Second graders research each body system and writer a letter t Joe, the CEO of the Human Bdy, Incorporated, who is downsizing. In their letter, 2nd graders tell him which body parts to keep as employees.

Traveling Through the Digestive System

Second graders learn about how the food is broken down in our bodies and the job of each body part involved in our digestive system. The utilize the CD ROM game, "Body Works." This wonderful game takes pupils through the human body's digestive system where they "meet" all sorts of creatures. The class divides into groups, and each group helps a certain type of food get through the digestive system.

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